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    Siding has the ability to fully transform the exterior of a home.

    What a home looks like on the outside is the first impression visitors and strangers alike will have of what your home is like inside. This means that broken, chipped siding can truly leave a negative impression, and that’s certainly not what anyone wants. Look at your home’s exterior and think about what it’s telling people. Is it a reflection of who you are? Or is it a sad misrepresentation?

    We can easily go blind to what our siding is shouting to the world, but it’s actually important to pay attention to and check in on regularly. This isn’t just to make sure it looks good for the public; it’s to ensure its overall health. Whether your home is simply due for an upgrade or has a mold problem, Trademark is here to take care of it.

    Signs your siding needs a facelift

    Since siding does tend to go unnoticed until it’s causing problems or looking rough, you’re probably not aware of what to look for when it comes to damage. If your Oklahoma City home’s siding is just a bit faded or chipped in a few spots, you’re probably free from immediate problems.However, if you’re seeing any of the following, you need to have it taken care of quickly:
    • 1

      Broken & Damaged Siding

      This is easy to notice right off the bat. Not only is it ugly, it also leaves your home vulnerable to expensive damage both on the outside and inside if left unrepaired.

    • 2

      Mold & Mildew

      Home siding is often composed of porous materials ideal for mold and mildew to fester. This is an issue for many reasons, but it’s also important that the entire area around that area must also be removed.

    • 3


      Contrary to popular belief, mold and rot do not always go hand in hand. When a piece of damaged or broken siding is left in disrepair, rot can easily occur. Keep an eye out for rot under and around broken pieces.

    • 4

      Decreased Insulation Abilities

      Damaged siding is notorious for allowing unwanted air into your home, decreasing your energy efficiency. This bumps up your heating and cooling bills, so be on the lookout for increases over time.

    Siding materials

    There are so many options in the world of siding materials. While each material comes with its own set of pros and cons, we’re here to guide and inform you on what best fits your situation. We listen to what you want, need, and what fits into your budget to bring your home back to life. Whether it’s stucco, brick, wood or vinyl, the choice is yours.

    What Quality Siding Can Do For You

    The major benefit of quality siding is the money you will save over time. This stems from better insulation abilities and lowered heating and cooling costs, less damage sustained from water seepage into the home, and an increased property value. Better siding protects your Oklahoma City area home from extreme weather while saving you money!

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