What is the Best Season for Roof Work

Shingle roof full of leaves because of the season

There’s so many unknowns when it comes to owning a home; no one ever said it was easy. With the seasons and weather working against us a lot of the time, it’s hard to find time to get the work done that you need. This is especially true with something so exposed as your roof, particularly in somewhere with such a vast array of weather as Oklahoma. So taking everything into consideration, what is the best time of year in Oklahoma to do roof work? We’re going to go over a few reasons why fall might just be the season you’re looking for.

Fall dodges the storm seasons

If you’ve been around the Oklahoma City area for long enough, I’m sure you’re more than aware of the dangers that come during the May-July time frame. Prone to massive thunderstorms and even tornadoes, this is no time for roof work to be done. 

Moving into fall as the weather calms down, however, is a fine time to assess any damages that your roof has possibly undergone. Outside of that, the dryer that things are, the faster your roof is going to come together. The less storms there are, the less delays there are. The less moisture there is, the quicker your shingles will seal.

Winter weather Conditions

Oklahoma might not get as much snow as its northern neighbors, but that’s not to say that it’s not going to happen. Not only are these snows another possible cause of delay (if not for weather, then for potentially slower working conditions brought on by the cold) but it’s also a pretty important time to have the protection that a well kept roof will bring you. After summer, assess the damages of course – just make sure those damages are mended before going into the colder months.

The recommended temperature for removing and replacing shingle roofs is between 45 and 85 degrees fahrenheit. OKC maintains an average high of around 50, which certainly falls in that range, but the sealing solution beneath the shingles needs heat to apply and to dry. Even then, the colder it is, the more likely it is that some of the shingles could crack.

You could possibly be saving on costs

I’m sure a quick search has brought some controversial and confusing bits of information to you. Some people will argue that fall is a terrible time to do roof work, citing a potential raised price due to a busier season. That’s an important thing to note, though, is it’s busier for a reason: fall is a fantastic time to get this done.

Quite a few roofing companies slow down so drastically in the winter that in order to save on costs, they’ll offer vacation time or switch to a different type of work. There’s less options which will add to an already volatile completion time for your project. Coupled with all of the possible weather delays and hazards that can accompany winter time, you’re potentially looking at a much longer process.

When it comes to costs, think about the properties of your roof. A great roof means better insulation, right? Better insulation directly translates to saving money on central heat during these cold winter nights, and that might not amount to everything you could save but it certainly adds up. Thinking bigger, though, what if you do decide to wait? What if this winter is unreasonably brutal? What if your roof isn’t prepared for that? 

We don’t want you to be left out in the cold. Call or e-mail us today with any questions, concerns, or consultation requests.

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