Get That Exterior Looking Christmas-Ready

Home Roof Decorated with Christmas Lights

Christmas time brings with it a wonderful sense of nostalgia and warmth. Even in these crazy times of COVID, nothing can replace fond memories and moments with your closest family members.

The cornucopia of cooked ham, wrapped presents, and sweet smells of a log fire wafting in the cold winter night are mental flickers which many find impossible to resist while letting all of these Christmas time sensations swim around in one’s mind.

An added beauty to the above mentioned bounty of this holiday season is the wondrous orb that is the gleam of outdoor holiday decorations.

And this is where Trademark Construction comes in. Consider it our community volunteer hours for the holiday season. A simple and straightforward guide on how to decorate the outside of your house in a cost-effective manner.

Before we get into a couple of holiday decorating styles, we would like to remind you that it is all about curb appeal; and, in all honesty, this can be true for whatever it is that you are doing to the exterior of your home: Installing a new roof, replacing your gutters, or simply keeping your lawn looking healthy and trimmed. And this is absolutely the same when you’re putting together your exterior holiday decorations. Do the thing which most suits your personality and abilities.

Let us now get to those decorating tips!

Glittery Can Be Glamorous

For some, there is a preconceived notion that sparkly and shiny can be pretentious or tacky when it comes to outdoor holiday decorations. While this can be true in some instances, we believe that it’s all how you go about your decorating, as well as beauty being in the eye of the beholder. 

One of the keys to this decorating style is to keep a minimalist mindset, while also keeping your color scheme subdued to a certain extent.

Finding a wreath with black and gold accents to hang on your front door is a good first step. You can expand on this focal point by stringing white lights around any shrubs or trees you have in your front yard.

With these initial steps in place, you can take it from there in terms of how you would like to expand on your sophisticated decorating style.

Bright And Traditional

Because we find it healthy to offer differing viewpoints, the traditional Christmas decorating style is always a crowd pleaser and one worth mentioning in this space. In direct contrast with the minimalist style mentioned above, you can go all out with this one. Put that ten foot inflatable santa in your yard. Turn on that outdoor holiday music speaker. Let your plethora of red and green lights illuminate the night. No matter what you do with this holiday outdoor decorating style, just make sure Rudolph has a place somewhere! We are also fond of LED holiday-themed projections onto the garage door.

This is a great time of year, and Trademark Constructing takes major joy in knowing that we may have helped some of you to bring out your inner child with our outdoor holiday decorating advice.

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