The 5 Enemies of Your Roof

4 Risks of DIY Roofing Projects

You may think your roof is just there because it has to protect you from the external world. But the truth is that your roof also goes through thick and thin to keep you safe, so here in this article, you’ll learn about the things that damage your roof.


Hail: Save Your Roof from Hail Damage!


Although hail does not fall every day, it can cause serious damage to your roof when it does. Hail can damage your shingles and cause them to dent. Although the damage isn’t immediately noticeable, the dents have the potential to remove the tiny protecting granules. These granules help your roof prevent leaks and protect it from UV rays.


If those granules are damaged or destroyed, it exposes your roof to much more significant harm. It shortens the lifespan of your shingles, so get your roof inspected if you’ve been in a hailstorm. Homeowners’ insurance often covers hail damage and can get you a roof if needed.


Wind Damage: Don’t let Wind Blow Your Roof Away!


Winds might lift the edges of your shingles or entirely remove them. As a result, the roof is vulnerable to rain and structural degradation. These winds are also known to transport debris, which can get trapped beneath your shingles and threaten them. After a windy storm, you should have a roofing company inspect your roof for debris and missing shingles.


Sun Damage


Thermal expansion in your shingles might cause them to break down over time if they are exposed to constant and severe UV rays and IR radiation. Although bright weather is pleasant, it is important to note that it might get you a damaged roof.


Trees, Twigs, And Leaves.

Shingle roof full of leaves because of the season

Trees that have grown so close to your roof that they are contacting it can pose major problems. They can obstruct the drainage system, and falling twigs can harm your shingles over time.

As the leaves fall from the tree, they will be pushed into your gutter, obstructing the flow of water away from your roof. This excess water can accumulate, allowing more moisture to infiltrate your roof’s foundation, causing decay and other problems.


Fail To Care For It.


Roof damage can be substantially avoided with proper care. You can prevent dirt and debris from accumulating and causing problems by simply maintaining your roof and gutters. On the other hand, leaving your roof untreated for years can diminish its life expectancy.


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