4 Signs That Your Roof Must Be Repaired ASAP

Roofer repairing an asphalt shingle roof

All roofing materials are subject to wear, tear, and deterioration over time. Homeowners must maintain their residential roofs in good condition for as long as possible to not experience costly repairs down the line. There are a few signs of damage that are telling you your house needs roof repair immediately. Read below to learn what those are.

Wet Spots

The first indication you should look out for is any standing water on your roof or around your house after it has rained. Wet spots may appear overnight because of improper drainage, which can lead to leaks. 

Leaks will cause further damage to your home’s interior by creating moldy conditions where water accumulates and rotting wood resulting from prolonged exposure to moisture.

Cracked Shingles

     Missing shingles may not seem like a huge issue at first glance. Still, if water enters the gap between two unfilled shingles, the underlying plywood will absorb water and swell. The excess weight could cause shingles to tear away from nail points, which would give you more roof leaks.

Replacing one shingle layer is not good since it won’t work well with another cracked or missing shingle. You must ensure that your entire roofing system is free of cracks because this is the part of your home that is most vulnerable to external circumstances. Cracked shingles are a huge sign that tells you you need a roof repair.   

Gutters Collection Debris

Leaves and twigs could be another problem on your residential roof. Debris can accumulate in gutters and cause problems such as overflowing water during heavy rainfall. Leaves may eventually block the flow of water, creating an excessive amount of runoff near the edges or corners of your house, leading to serious damage over time.

Weird Sounds Coming From Above

A lightweight vibration or flapping sound when walking across a room with ceilings below the attic or roof space generally means your roof requires an inspection. Suppose you notice that your roof is allowing depressurization of your attic space. In that case, this may result in a popping or cracking sound from the ceiling below.

This means that wind and rain are finding their way into your home’s roof space, which could lead to water damage.

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We will save you money because we will avoid further damage from happening. It might not look serious to you, but leaks can incur severe losses by ruining your home appliances and clothing, for example.

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