Why Is Roof Maintenance important for all types of roofs

Professional roofer doing a commercial roof inspections

Roof maintenance consists of treating all sensitive points on a roof that are prompt to develop any issue. The frequency with which a roof should be maintained heavily relies on the type of material of the roof. It can be annual, biannual, or quarterly periods. Read below to find out how often you should have a team of roofing experts to check on your roof.

The Maintenance Asphalt Shingles Require

Because of their longevity and affordability, asphalt shingle roofs are the chosen alternative for many homes. As the name implies, the material is waterproofed with asphalt and is available in organic and fiberglass. An asphalt shingle roof can last up to 20 years if properly maintained. 

But you also need to consider the weather conditions and consider getting an inspection after a heavy storm, for example. The shingles must be checked regularly for loose or damaged parts that must be replaced or repaired.

The Maintenance Wood Roof Requires

Several variables influence the lifetime of a wood roof. The endurance of the wood, local moisture, levels of rain in the area, and whether the roofing was built with proper air circulation are all major determinants of the lifespan a wood roof can have.

Other considerations include the roof’s pitch because more elevated angles tend to drain water more quickly. You should also consider the presence of nearby trees that go higher than your house because they drop organic waste onto the surface, retaining moisture.

Wood is a delicate material that can last up to 30 years but must be maintained annually to get to this lifespan.

The Maintenance Metal Roof Requires

Your metal roof, like any other roof, requires regular maintenance. However, the quantity of maintenance required is determined by the model of the metal roof system you have. Metal roofs’ lifespan goes from 40 to 70 years, depending on the maintenance and the quality of the material.

A roof leak will occur if the flashing around your metal roof’s penetrations is not checked (and replaced if necessary) regularly. Cleaning is the only other basic upkeep required, which is a subjective preference for every individual.

Even though a standing seam metal roof demands minimal upkeep, it should still be inspected yearly. Don’t let your metal roof investment be lost because you decided not to pay for a group of roofing experts to come out and inspect it.

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Roof repair and maintenance are not recommended for do-it-yourselfers because they risk ruining their roof or injuring themselves. You can slip and fall from the roof if you perform even the tiniest miscalculation, such as losing your equilibrium or stepping on a cracked shingle.

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