How To Prepare Your Home For A Roof Replacement

Metal Roof Damage by Storm being restored.

We know how stressful a roof replacement project can be. It’s an overwhelming task for all parties involved. This includes your family, neighbors, and your pets, so getting ready for it avoids complications. With this guide, you’ll be prepared for when roofers arrive ready to turn your house upside down.


When you read this, you’ll be ready for your roof replacement. Our guide will turn this chaotic process into a not so messy one.


Step 1 – These Four Walls


The vibration will be a huge factor in a roof replacement, given all the hammering and walking in your roof. Make sure that any ornaments hanging on your walls are safe in your dresser. You don’t want any valuable objects to be lost during the process.


Step 2 – Make Some Way!


Park your automobiles on the street a safe distance away the night before your roofing contractor arrives. Waiting until the morning can trap your car as a supplier attempts to deliver shingles or other goods. 


You should make some way for roofers since they may bring their tools and garbage bin to your driveway so they can use them on the roof whenever they need to.


Make way to avoid any accidents and material losses. You don’t have a fallen shingle to tear off a rear view mirror or break the front glass of your car.


Step 3 – No Kids On The Block


What a great time to send the kids to visit grandma or have someone you trust to take care of them. Children are too young to deal with so much noise and dust. They won’t be able to take a nap either, so having them sleepover at a relative’s house is the best option for them.


Step 4 – No Pets Allowed


No dogs, no cats, no hamsters, and no birds allowed! Dogs and cats can get severely sick, and hamsters and birds could even die from the stress and heavy amounts of dust.


Assigning an appointment with the vet can come quite handy, or just like with kids, ask someone to take care of them in the meantime.


Step 5 – Avoid Dust Monsters In The Attic


We tend to keep things that we value much in our attics, so keeping them safe during roof replacement is a must. You can cover your belongings with an old sheet to avoid dusty results. You can also place a tarp on the floor beforehand to make the sweeping much easier.


Step 6 – Just Trim It!


We bet you didn’t think of this, but mowing the lawn can come in pretty handy. This is because fallen debris will be much easier to clean if your lawn is well-trimmed.


Make sure that you trim the grass before starting the project, and the entire cleaning process will be much simpler.


Step 7 – Dear Neighbor,


Put yourself in the shoes of your neighbors. Wouldn’t you be satisfied if you got informed about a large project like this beforehand? Believe us, telling your neighbors that they’re gonna be experiencing some inconveniences before the project is carried out will cause them to be far more collaborative and understanding.


Kindly ask them to park their car outside in case their driveway is close to your roof. Also, tell them to remove any furniture in their yard to avoid getting all dusty, and show sympathy for their family and kids. You can even advise having their kids and pets play inside only.


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Roofs are a crucial part of your house, so if it’s not running smoothly, your entire house and belongings can be put at risk. We know how choosing a residential roofing services provider can be a tough task. Still, we guarantee that at Trademark Exteriors, we will work with you to achieve all your wants and needs.


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