How to Minimize Storm Damage?

How to Minimize Storm Damage

news story on KFOR states that recent storms in Oklahoma City have caused some major car crashes, wind damages and cancelled & delayed some flights at Will Rogers World Airport.

Well, if you are a resident of Oklahoma City, it is very much possible that you have witnessed many such tropical storms, tornadoes, heavy rains, and strong winds like this one.

Storms of tremendous velocity are simply inevitable and can leave even the best of the structures to ruins. Such harsh weather conditions spawn the roads, cause car accidents, flight delays, and affect the residential & commercial properties badly.

It is generally seen that the roofs of the homes and other buildings face the maximum damage, as hails (which sometimes are as big as the size of a softball) break the shingles and expose the sheathing. Missing or broken shingles make water seep into the roof and even to the interiors, leading to leakage and hurting the overall aesthetic & monetary value of the property. No wonder why hundreds of people connect with our team to avail roof repair in Oklahoma City right after big storms.

Being a leading roofing contractor Oklahoma City, we understand every aspect of the roofing industry. To help you minimize the hail or wind damage, we have listed a few tips that can help you save your hefty investment.

Here are a few takeaways to minimize storm damage –

Reinforce Roofing: Thats the first thing you should do- get your roofs inspected and repaired to eliminate the possibilities of collapse or large-scale restoration. On-time roof repair is the key to protect your homes top shield.

Invest in Hurricane Glass: These specifically built glasses can withstand blustery winds and flying debris.

Trim Surrounding Trees: This is imperative to prevent overhanging branches from falling on the roof and breaking shingles.

Create Flood Barriers: From portable walls to water-filled tubes, there are several options to avoid flood hurt your home.

Do Not Procrastinate Important Roof Repair Schedules: Yes, make sure to get your roof inspected time to time and get the small issues fixed immediately to escape being prey of bigger damage. Doing this will further help you with insurance claims.

We at Trademark Exteriors Restoration provide the best roofing and storm damage repair services. We are a trusted roofing contractor helping Oklahoma residents make the best and informed choices. To know more, give a quick call at (877) 321-4245 now!

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