Will My Insurance Cover a New Roof?

Will My Insurance Cover a New Roof

Insurance companies consider roofs to be one of the most crucial parts of a home. The protect the home from natural elements, and work to prevent expensive claims due to flooding and other catastrophic events. They know that if a roof already has damage, it’s likely to eventually cause issues within the home as well, and will cost them more in the long run. However, many insurers have gotten more restrictive with their roofing coverage, with some even declining to insure homes with older roofs. So, you may be wondering how to get your insurance to pay for a new roof, should you be in need. 

What Kind of Damage Will Insurance Cover?

According to Allstate, dwelling coverage included in homeowners insurance protects your home’s entire structure–including the roof–from common incidents such as hail damage, fire and wind. This means that hail from a storm or fire from a lightning strike that causes damage is most likely partially covered by your dwelling coverage.

Will I Have a Deductible?

Most likely, yes. While each policy is unique, there is typically a deductible that needs to be paid prior to your insurance paying to repair or replace the roof. Additionally, you will have a coverage limit, so you need to read through your insurance policy or contact your insurance company to better understand what coverage parameters you’re looking at. 

However, it is possible that your insurance has hail or windstorm exclusions, so do be sure to familiarize yourself with your policy prior to making any commitments. 

What About Roof Leaks?

Homeowners insurance should cover roof leaks caused by incidents that are covered, such as hail or fire. Therefore, unless your policy contains exclusions for wind and hail, your policy should cover leaks related to those events. 

What is Typically Not Covered?

Homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover the damage that comes from a lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear. Instead, it usually only covers sudden, accidental damage to the roof. This means it’s important to determine if it’s age or unattended maintenance issues that are the cause of your leaking roof. If it’s the latter, your insurance most likely will not pay for the leak or any related damage. This is just one reason why regular roof inspections are important and why you should always have a roof inspected prior to purchasing a new home. Call Trademark Exteriors Restoration today for a free, no-commitment roof inspection!

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