4 Risks of DIY Roofing Projects

4 Risks of DIY Roofing Projects

Roofs are vital to the safety and comfort of your home, so it’s important that they’re kept in good condition. Annual professional inspections and maintenance can really help to expand the life of your roof. You may be thinking “Nah, I don’t need a professional for that!”, but you’re wrong. Now, with that said, let’s talk about the things that can easily go wrong with a roofing DIY! 

Faulty Repairs

Attempting to fix your roof on your own can result in inadequate or faulty repairs. This could result in leaks, mold, or even injuries. Professional roofing contractors have the necessary licensing, experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Safety Hazards

Many roof repair and maintenance projects carry safety risks. There are tools and materials to haul to potentially dangerous heights, as well as finding a way to secure yourself in case of a fall. Without proper experience, you’re putting yourself and others at risk of harm. 

Extended Project Time

You may think that doing your maintenance yourself will save time, but it’s actually the opposite. The lack of training, experience, tools and materials can really eat up a great deal of time. A professional comes equipped with everything needed right from the start, so you never have to worry about running to the hardware store and watching how-to videos for hours. 

Less Cost-effective

Another common misconception is that it will be cheaper to do roof repairs and maintenance yourself. While the upfront cost of a professional might be more costly, quality work will ensure no leaks and less frequent repairs in the long run, which means more money in your pocket. Additionally, a roof that has been worked on properly can save on your heating and cooling costs.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a professional for roof improvement projects is definitely the best course of action. Contact us to schedule a visit from one of our licensed inspectors today!

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