Help! How Can I Tell If My Roof Was Damaged In A Storm?

Help! How Can I Tell If My Roof Was Damaged In A Storm

A massive storm has blown through your region! Your yard is an absolute mess, but your house seems to be fairly unscathed…but is the roof okay? Is it going to leak? Do shingles need to be replaced? Does a professional need to come in and inspect for damage? 

While it may appear frustrating to figure this out alone, here are some simple signs you can watch for to help decide what to do next.

Seek Out The Obvious

There are instances where the damage to a roof is easy to spot, and you’ll immediately recognize that there could be an issue. This includes: 

  • Water spots showing up on the ceiling after the storm
  • Shingles that are damaged, destroyed or missing
  • Peeling paint and/or wet walls
  • Roof flashing that appears broken or damaged 
  • Water that is pooling around the home or on the roof
  • Trees or branches laying atop the roof 

These will be noticeable immediately, and you’ll know that a professional needs to come in to inspect the roof and other areas impacted by the damage. However, you may have less conspicuous damage that you haven’t seen yet. 

Less Apparent Signs of Roof Damage

Even if you’re not a roof expert, there are some other signs that you’re able to safely look for. The keyword is “safely” because it’s incredibly dangerous to climb up onto a roof if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you don’t want to be put at risk. Keeping that in mind, there are a few other things you can look for:

  • A buildup of shingle granules or damage to asphalt 
  • Flashing that appears to be loose or is missing along roofing, chimneys or vents
  • Detached or loose sealant along the roof, chimney, or vents
  • Water damage to the inside of your attic 

Call On An Inspector

It’s common that roof damage is not visible from the ground or without a professional taking a look. Trademark’s certified roofing inspectors will come over and take a look at your roof so you know if there are any problems and what can be done to fix them. 

Regardless of the kind of extreme weather you’ve experienced, it’s crucial to have regular roof inspections done in order to keep your house in working order and to avoid having to shell out a ton of money for bigger repairs in the future. Contact Trademark Roofing today and one of our certified roofing inspectors will come take a look! 

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