3 Ways To Identify Roofing Scammers

3 Ways To Identify Roofing Scammers

It’s been a peaceful weekend up until your doorbell rings and there’s a man with a clipboard standing on the porch.  Before you can even get a word out, he starts in on a spiel about serious damage on your roof and how it must be fixed immediately. There’s an urgency that makes you think you should take it seriously, but then you think back to the big hailstorm you had last week and remember that you went over any possible damage then. You hadn’t seen any, but had you missed it? No, you probably did not.

Roofing scams have been around since the dawn of roofs, essentially, yet people do still fall for them. Scammers seek out economically-conscious people that are unaware of how roofing works. They’ll push to do the work right away then disappear for good, leaving you with a shoddy roofing job.

While this may seem alarming, these are some great tips on how to spot a scammer: 

1. Mystery Damages

More often than not, a roof is okay following a big storm. You’ve looked over everything and see no problems, but now there’s a pesky salesman telling you you’re wrong. They’re showing you vague little areas that you can’t see any damage to and using terminology you’re not familiar with. You now have doubts about your own abilities to see damage, and that’s what they’re hoping for. If you’re in this position, ask the salesperson to go then do a search on the internet for roofing companies in your area and make sure they have a permanent address. This can help you find a legitimate company who can come out and give you an estimate–if you even have any damage to begin with! 

2. Don’t Trust Storm Chasers

These are scammers that will show up in storm-ravaged areas and take advantage of the people impacted by a tragic situation. They’re easily spotted by their odd company names, lack of local referrals and no reputable website or address.  

Storm chasers will offer large discounts with the guarantee of getting your roof needs taken care of immediately followed by them personally billing your insurance. While this may not be ringing any alarm bells, it should. They will perform your services using low quality materials and poor craftsmanship which will lead to costly problems down the road–and you’ll be the one footing the bill for it. 

3. Bids You Can’t Believe

This is a major red flag that you’re being scammed. If the bid you receive is significantly below standard rates, it should be questioned. Over time, your bill will increase due to “unexpected” costs and problems and you’ll pay more in the end. 

Research the standard rates for roofing in your area and look for a company like Trademark that provides exceptional service on roofing repairs and replacements! Contact us today for a free (legitimate) estimate.

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