The Impact Moisture Can Have on a Home’s Roof

The Impact Moisture Can Have on a Home’s Roof

Of all the damage a roof can sustain, water damage is the most severe. Because of this, it’s important to understand that moisture can creep in from a number of places if the roof is not properly maintained. This moisture brings with it the potential for costly, serious damage to the roof and the interior of the home if it goes unnoticed/unattended. Let’s about a few of the ways moisture can make its way into your home!


When there’s moisture trapped inside the home, it will rise and then escape through the ceiling into the attic. Once it reaches the roof, it condenses and turns from a gas to a liquid. This condensation then generates a wet environment for the roof and impacts the shingles on top of it. When this happens, the shingles will weaken and can be prone to leaks. 

However, roof condensation can only happen when the attic is colder than the actual roof, so this problem can easily be negated through proper ventilation. This will ensure that the roof and attic remain the same temperature at all times.

Shingle Damage

When shingles begin to crack or blister, it renders your roof much more at risk for water damage because it is allowed to accumulate in these areas. Notably, blistering will allow for water seepage when it rains, which can cause serious damage to both the exterior and interior of the roof. If you’re noticing cracks, blistering or leaks, call Trademark Roofing to come take a look and determine how to address the issues best. 


Mold can be quite problematic and serious. Damp roofs and attics are prime real estate for mold to establish and propagate, and that’s certainly not something you want for your home. While mold can seem pretty tame, it can cause major health problems for people exposed to it, especially for those with respiratory issues. Roof health and proper ventilation can negate the risk of mold growth, and our team of expert roofers are here to help you make that happen. 


Contact Trademark today to have your roof inspected to check for signs of moisture! 

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