Is It A Good Idea To Replace My Roof Before Selling?

Is It A Good Idea To Replace My Roof Before Selling

Choosing to sell your home means that every choice you make until it sells will impact how quickly it goes and what your profit is. Any updates or repairs you make should be done to areas that will increase your bottom line. Oftentimes, sellers believe that only physically obvious updates have an impact, but it’s actually structural components that hold the highest value. 

Signs You May Need a New Roof

Faulty roofs will easily diminish the value of a property, as well as its overall appeal to buyers. If you’re curious if your roof falls into the “faulty roof” category, consider the following: 

Its lifespan is running out— Roof lifetimes vary due to various factors, such as the materials used in the construction. With this in mind, we can’t give you a firm number of years left on your roof, but a Trademark Construction certified roof inspector can come out and take a look at your situation and give you a better idea. If your roof is at the point of aging out, it most definitely should be replaced prior to putting it on the market. It’s also important to note that an inspector will not pass your roof under these conditions. 

Multiple repairs have occurred already— Quality, properly installed roofs do not require regular repairs outside of extenuating circumstances. However, if your roof was improperly installed, there will be problems with leaking and caving, which results in necessary repairs over the years. One of Trademark’s roofing experts can take a look to help determine what your roof needs. 

Higher utility bills— Faulty and failing roofs can bring higher than average utility bills due to air being leaked in and out. Compare your bills to neighbors to see how you stack up because buyers will typically steer clear of energy inefficient homes, so a replacement roof will be necessary.  

An Investment Worth Making

A new roof is expensive, but it’s also an investment met with an ROI around 60%. Trademark Construction is here to help you decide if a new roof is right for you! 

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